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Boxer Live


Boxer Live is an exciting, enterprise-grade transcription, or automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine that converts spoken words to text. It’s best in class, AI powered technology to Live Caption classrooms, events, television broadcast, lectures and much more.


All the work is done in the cloud, using natural language processing and
machine learning, meaning it can be deployed all over Australia almost

Unlike traditional services, no bookings are needed, no individual voice
training is required, and it handles accents well thanks to millions of
minutes of spoken training data from over 40 countries, and billions of
words drawn from global sources.

Now that we can accurately convert spoken words to text in real-time whilst
achieving higher accuracy levels than previously possible, the possibilities
for our technology are endless.

Whether you’re a school wishing to live caption teachers for students with
learning challenges, a conference organiser wanting to deliver full
accessibility to your delegates with instant transcripts of every speaker, or
you’d like to capture every point of a boardroom or project meeting, we
make this possible.

Live captioning matters, and it can make a difference. In Australia,
approximately 4.5% of Australians need wheelchair ramps and there’s a
ramp in almost every building.

Yet 1 in 6 are affected by hearing loss.

Our goal is to build auditory ramps around Australia, giving everyone the
same opportunity as others.



Live caption every speaker, with instant transcripts available immediately.

Deliver live captions to a screen in the conference room, via a one-click entry in a conference app like Entegy, or onto any delegate device, be it IOS, Android, Windows or MacOS.

We’ve been trusted by some of the largest events in Australia, including the Melbourne Convention Centre to 7,000 delegates across multiple rooms and hundreds of speakers.

We want people to participate in the event, not just attend.


Words are powerful during a child’s education.

Every word, statistic and example provided in class should be accessible to every student.

It’s not only deaf or hearing-impaired students that benefit from watching the teacher’s words appear instantly on their device or a screen in the class, so we make live captioning to any school and tertiary education around Australia possible.

Delivering inclusive education on the same basis for every child delivers a rich, rewarding experience that we hope assists the student to be all they can be. 

Meeting Transcription

Boxer-Live is used to capture and live caption every word spoken in boardrooms and meetings, allowing teams to focus on the content and discussion, rather than taking notes.

When the meeting is finished, a transcript is immediately available to distribute to attendees.

Every point, debate and action are captured, meaning staff can quickly move onto the next meeting or task.

Furthermore, if attendees are connecting to the meeting remotely, they can listen in as usual, but also follow the meeting on their device of choice, as it happens.

Perfect for integrity commissions, interviews, legal proceedings, project meetings and more. 

Shopping Centres and public venues

With integration into public venues systems such as shopping centres, clubs, sports grounds and more, Boxer-Live can be used to rapidly deliver long, unscripted on demand instructions and announcements via captions, across screens and digital content distribution systems.

For emergency broadcasts, on demand announcements and promotions, grabbing a microphone and making a broadcast via text, assists deaf and hearing impaired, guests in noisy areas and  visitors who simply prefer to view as well as hear the message.

Public Safety

Body worn video is rapidly being deployed across Australia, from first line responder, to security and more.

Often, video feeds are impaired by poor lighting or other obstructions, so our technology can overlay across the video capture system, live captioning voice back to a control room for analysis.

Using Boxer-Analytics, we can import live or historical and make all content accessible within seconds, be it a body camera interview from 4 days ago, or an interview room system investigation from 8 months ago.

Law Firms

Transcribing legal meetings in real-time, then having transcripts available immediately after for review, makes internal or client meeting content accessible in ways not possible before, and delivers significant productivity and cost advantages for law firms. 

Firms can document and store all interactions for case research or record keeping, use the information from these meetings or conversations to defend the firm against disputes or complaints and increase billable minutes, with records of every interaction.

Many legal firms outsource recordings and media to be transcribed but typically this is slow and expensive, and errors may still occur. 

Our technology also delivers this service, but in a fraction of the time and cost.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast Media is a shining example of an industry that can benefit dramatically from our real-time technology.

Our real-time and batch processing speech recognition can live caption television and media, making content more accessible by distributing captions to channels and subtitling pre-recorded content.

It also delivers significant cost savings and process efficiencies by integrating into existing production workflows, to create efficiencies in many areas.

Analysing and cataloguing archived media allows studios to interrogate, locate and analyse footage from months ago, in seconds, allowing teams to access important information and data, much like googling information on demand.

Using this technology, we can rapidly catalogue and analyse media content via real-time and batch processed transcription.

Media teams can then access and review this media content via a web-based GUI, run on demand or automated predictive or targeted Speech Analytics to identify trends and automatically categorise content. Teams or individuals can subsequently be instantly notified of events of interest, trending reports, sentiment analysis and more to investigate, review and act.

People who require this product

Hearing Impared


Auditory processing disorder

Autism spectrum

Learning difficulties


Our platform is simple, and talks to everything


BOXER-LIVE achieves amazing accuracy thanks to the way it processes audio and uses natural language processing and sentence structure.

We deliver the service in the simplest way possible for our customers, allowing us to remove the barriers to accessibility that have previously held people back.

Accuracy can be as high as 98% or more with good quality, clear audio.

There are no bookings to be made, nor do you need to provide a conference bridge or audio line to be connected to the room and there’s no manual processing.

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