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Boxer-Analytics is a powerful, best in class omnichannel analytics platform, powered by AI and arguably the world’s leading transcription engine, that allows customers to unlock the power of voice and data.

Call recording is a capture mechanism for the platform, allowing us to deliver rich insights into customers organisations, solve business challenges and better understand how they interact with their customers.

What we cover with Boxer Live

Public safety

Ambulance, Fire, Police and other groups are first line responders, or interact with agencies who are. These organisations already record all communications today, often with old, legacy and expensive systems that operate independently, and create more technology silos. This makes uncovering incident related date or recordings difficult, when needed quickly.

Many other call recording solutions only support IP telephony, in the cloud with scalability limitations.

Boxer-Analytics supports 2-way radio, dispatch consoles, body worn video, mobile recording as well as traditional telephony vendors such as NEC, Avaya and smaller solutions. By continuing to support legacy analogue services, our customers can have 360-degree capture, analysis and reporting on every interaction across the organisation, no matter what channel.


Rather than having to replace existing legacy recorder that will soon go end of life, our platform can intelligently overlay across traditional brands, allowing customers to retain the asset as long as possible until they are forced to change.

By transcribing every call across all channels in real-time, customers can significantly reduce processes, find all information relating to an emergency situation in minutes not days, as well as automatically be altered when an incident begins to unfold, often before they know themselves. 

Incident reconstruction is reinvented, giving information back into the hands of those who need to respond first.

Contact Centres and Enterprise customers

Customers today face increasing competition and global factors affecting their business, on top of traditional challenges such as managing customer churn, maintaining and retaining service agents and capturing new customer enquiries as they happen.

Using our omnichannel analytics platform, we monitor, analyse and report on events that happen in near real-time, allowing the customer to act on events such as complaint calls, process failures and sales opportunities.

Complaint calls that may lead to customer churn allow the CX manager to assign their best agent to follow up and retain their customer and maintain retention KPI’s.

Improving sales and coaching opportunities, driving productivity as well as automating quality assessment processes that today are manual, are just a few of the ways our technology has helped organisations.

Transport (Trains / Trams)

Transport and infrastructure organisations utiles many of the same requirements and services as traditional public safety organisations. These organisations typically support more traditional legacy analogue and digital services, as well as 2-way radios across the network.

By having interactions across all services captured, transcribed and analysed, our solution is able to deliver reports back to control rooms or command centres, delivering insights into events as they happen, that make impact on the operating network.

Financial markets

Delivering one single transcription powered voice and data recording platform, across any channel the firm trades or communicates on, including mobiles. Using clever predictive analytics, our solution actively monitors interactions in real-time to identify opportunity as well as risk event triggers. Teams can act almost as soon as the event occurs, leading to brand and opportunity protection.

Visual Voicemail

Never dial in to listen to voicemails again.

With this exciting new service, having to listen through long winded voicemails before getting to the one you want, trying to remember which option is for delete or playback, or accidentally delete a voicemail by pressing the wrong button or replay a message several times because you keep missing important parts, is a thing of the past.

Every voicemail is easily displayed in a beautiful app on your device, allowing you to;

  • review an urgent message in a meeting or whilst on another call
  • skim through the message in seconds
  • be more responsive to customers, 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first!
  • tell customers you have this service, so full messages can be left, often negating the need to make call backs

Mobile recording

Up to 35% of work calls are now made on mobile phones, and each call represents the organisation as well as opportunities and risks. Our technology can record mobile calls, but wouldn’t it be clever if we could do this without recording our personal calls. ​

Sales or technical staff on the road can now have 100% of their work calls recorded and transcribed, making it a breeze to find information in seconds, recall what they’ve promised a customer, or understand exactly what they were asked to provide.

This technology now also makes financial services organisations more compliance ready and protected, without compromising the privacy of their employees.

These mobile calls can be stored in our cloud or delivered back to their on premise call recorder.

Correctional facilities

Can use data analytics to assist with making better decisions by examining collected data and identifying new opportunities for improving public and employee safety.

Inmate conversations often contain code words that our platform can identify as they happen, alerting security teams who can act to prevent injury or harm, or prevent illegal goods from entering the facility.

Key Features


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99% Accuracy

Arguably the most accurate transcription technology / speech recognition engine


Powers Boxers analytics platform


Event triggered workflow

Quality management

Advanced quality management – random assessments of conversations to evaluate

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